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M-101 50x70 "Field of poppie"

M-103 50x70 "Flowers oil on canvas"
M-104 50x70

M-105 50x70

       M-106 50x70
       M-112 50x70 Flowers oil on canvas

M-107 50x70

M-113 50x70
M-114 50x70

M-115 50x70 "White Lilies in a white vase"

       M-117 50x70 "Flowers" oil on canvas
       M-116 50x70 Flowers oil on canvas


On the site there are some works of the famous contemporary Russian artist Vladimir N. Babich: paintins (oil on canvas) - flowers, landscapes, seascapes, nude. Рostimpressionism, surrealism - author's works and also copyes of all famous impressionists to order

Fine art. Modern Art Russia. Paintings. Oil on canvas. Art Gallery. To better view click the picture. The prices are valid for Moscow region. The painter has all necessary documents to sell paintings outside Russia. Any forms of payments and delivery valid to your country can be applicable. Also Vladimir Babich is looking for international dealers.

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Flowers - on the best quality canvas
Surrealism - expensive
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